Core Plan

Manage your member information and understand their fitness goals. The included Halo Fitness App provides an important touch point between exerciser and fitness center.

How Does it Work?

Facilities can view specific exerciser goals and help members reach them with added interaction and the Halo Fitness App.

Manage Members

Compile membership lists and edit exerciser profiles. View individual profiles to understand member goals.

Halo Fitness App

Exerciser can set goals, create workouts and track progress in the app.

Custom Branded App

Deepen the exerciser-to-gym connection with a fitness facility branded app that includes your logo and colours.


Add your logo and customised touches to member communications.

Don’t Forget Your Features

The Core Plan goes great with:


Take exerciser insights up a level with an overall view of member activity in and out of the gym.

Provide added encouragement for exercisers that are succeeding, those who are active but not reaching their goals and those who show a decline in activity.

Job Tracker

Organise facility maintenance requests and track everything from fitness equipment upkeep to lightbulb replacement.

Ability to create a custom schedule for the Preventive Plan.

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Plan availability varies by country. Please contact your sales rep to confirm.

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