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Life Fitness Integrity Series Treadmill in Gym

LFconnect Asset Management

Your cardio equipment has stories to tell. Detailed data provided by Life Fitness cardio equipment can guide business decisions and build your brand. Learn the habits of exercisers and create a facility that caters to all of them. Learn how it can all be done with




Life Fitness Connect Global Markets


Learn from Your Cardio Machines: Monitor equipment usage through and wireless connection. View peak exercise times and learn what equipment is used the most. Information like that makes it easy to rotate equipment, and keep exercisers moving.

Connect Your Entire Cardio Portfolio: Detailed asset management helps prolong the life of equipment and offers valuable information about exerciser habits. Life Fitness is the only manufacturer that provides connectivity across all of its cardio lines.

Easy Equipment Management: Facilities can conveniently manage configuration settings for multiple cardio pieces from, without manually updating via USB


Facilities can build brand loyalty with several customization choices on Add logos, messages and background to console screens, or promote custom workouts that keep exercisers motivated.

Home Screens: Add branding and messaging to Discover Tablet Consoles. Promote facility news, events, classes or even incentives to your members.

Entertainment: Name TV channels to make them easy to find by exercisers. Create website quick links to promote your facility or other sites.

Workouts: Let exercisers choose custom workouts created by your personal trainers. You can add up to nine custom workouts to each console.

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